What Are Slave Collars?

A slave collar in regards to BDSM is a piece of jewelry worn by a person that lets another interested person know if they are in a submissive position. Most people that wear these items are in a BDSM relationship. They can be worn by males or females and their sexual orientation does not matter as well. These collars are often worn as symbols rather than as actual devices. If a person wears a BDSM collar they are said to be collared. Some people even have ceremonies where they get “collared” which can be similar to a wedding.

They often hold a great deal of importance to the people that are in a relationship. There are many different kinds of collars and they are made of many different kinds of material as well. The most common type of material is leather but different metals are often used also. The important thing when it comes to the metal collars in to keep in mind that some cheap metals can irritate the skin. It is also important to remember that some people are allergic to different metals and the neck is a very sensitive area. A lot of these items have accessories as well including a ring called a D-ring. This D-ring will allow different attachments to be made to the collar. An example of this is a lease or a chain. These items are pretty abstract accessories that would seem strange to wear in public. Because of this, a person may choose to wear a choker necklace instead while in public in order to symbolize their place in the relationship.

Collar With Locking Key
Collar (Shown)

Some people even use dog collars made specifically for dogs because of their cost as well as their ease of access. It is easy to go to the pet store and more discreet rather than going to a store and buying a real one. A lot of them often have locks or padlocks on them as well. Some even have spikes on them and these are called wolf collars. The history behind this is dogs in the past would wear them with spikes on them in order to protect their necks from wolves as well as other predators.

Not everyone that wears slave collars is making a statement. At least in public, anyways. A lot of people do still wear these in order to make a fashion statement. This is something that is often forgotten about. The most popular public accessories are much more discreet and smaller than the ones that are used in private. They are very popular in the goth and alternative subcultures and they can often be seen wearing them. There are even rules that are meant to be followed when wearing them. A conversation has to happen before a person is collared. It is important that a person asks before they are put into this situation. The collar must be put on by the dominant person in the relationship and the submissive has to allow it to happen.

The main reason behind this post is for our readers who are interested in selling these items. They can have very high margins and are typically sold with various up-sells. The website I linked you to above is a prime example of how expensive this fashion statement can be – but it is well worth it to those that are interested in it.

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